Whats is a Passive House like?

A passive house is a house that practically does not consume or recquire energy to be heated. This is not a concrete architectural design or specific materials but a way of building. In order to certify a house “Passive House” the following parameters must be met:

Heating Demand

≤ 15 Kwh/m2a

Demand for refrigeration

≤ 15 Kwh/m2a + 0’3 W/( m2aK)·DDH

Primary Energy Consumption

≤ 120 Kwh/m2a


≤ 0’6 renovaciones/hora @n50

Charging for heating

≤ 10 W/m2

Charging for cooling

≤ 10 W/m2

Passive houses are based on these basic principles:


High quality enclosures:

To guarantee the sealing values requested by the Passivhaus Institut and to avoid energy loss, the windows are triple-glazed with a chamber filled with argon gas.


Removal of thermal bridges:

The construction systems used minimize the conflict points where thermal leaks can occur that create thermal bridges.


High-level of airtightness:

A passive house has limited the maximum infiltrations of air to ≤ 0'6 renovations / hour. All the points that are susceptible to air leaks are protected with different technical solutions and materials.


Passive design:

We design projects considering the building compacity optimizing orientation in order to create openings in the facade that in winter works as a solar collectors. At the same time these openings are protected from direct sunlight in summer to favor a cooler environment inside the house.


Thermal insulation:

Insulation is the main factor affecting comfort and energy saving. In a passive house the insulation of the thermal envelope of the building is a determining factor.


Controlled mechanical ventilation with heat and energy recovery ventilators:

It would be of little use to build a house with this level of tightness and so well thermally insulated if we needed to open the windows to ventilate and, therefore, home loses the energy accumulated in the interior. We install controlled mechanical ventilation systems equipped with heat and energy recovery ventilators that allow recovering part of the energy from the air conditioning guaranteeing a constant renovation of low flow for 24 hours a day.