Do you know what radon gas is? It is a type of radioactive, odorless, colorless and tasteless gas that can appear in our homes without us noticing. Radon is a product of the decay of uranium and is usually found in the subsoil, especially in soils with the presence of igneous rocks (granite, basalt, …) or metamorphic rocks (marble, slate, …). The clayey and compact soils make it difficult for radon to emanate to the surface.

How does radon gas enter our homes? This gas is introduced by any crack in the building, especially through the screeds and foundations in contact with the ground. Radon has a greater presence and concentration in basement plants (garages, storage rooms, warehouses, facilities rooms, …) that do not have good ventilation.

According to the World Health Organization, radon causes serious lung diseases and, due to its radiation, compromises the health of people throughout their lives. For this reason it is vital to avoid their presence in homes.

Growing Buildings, specialist in the construction of passive houses, not only takes into account the energy efficiency and comfort in their projects but also the health of the future occupants of the houses. For this reason, in addition to using sustainable and ecological materials to build, it protects all homes from radon gas by placing anti-radon barriers on the foundations in order to offer their customers efficient, ecological, comfortable and healthy homes!

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