GB promotes the construction of buildings using the latest technologies in industrialized construction, always projecting their buildings according to passive construction standards. All the houses are certified with some of the international prestigious labels in sustainable construction such as LEED, BREEAM or PASSIVHAUS.


In general, we use light construction systems such as wood which allow us to industrialize the processes. All the structural elements are manufactured in a workshop, allowing us to reduce the execution time on site, implement extensive quality controls and obtain a final product of high energy efficiency. Among the advantages of our homes

we point out the reduction of energy demand by a minimum of 75% compared to conventional homes, high indoor air quality and excellent acoustic comfort due to the high hermeticity of the construction, the use of the most modern ventilation systems and heat and energy recovery ventilators and the quality of thermal and acoustic insulation.

We design and manage the project with BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology that allows us to combine all the information and all the agents involved in the same digital tool, minimizing errors in favor of a final product limited in costs, execution time and quality.

Our projects are drafted according to the most avant-garde and contemporary aesthetic trends resulting in attractive, quality homes, equipped with the latest technology “smart home” (control of installations from any mobile device), high energy-efficients and low environmental impact. Designed for the well-being of the people who inhabit them.